As you would expect we always get asked by clients if it is a good time to buy or sell their property.   As you can see from the picture, data can be manipulated, it has been one of the key lessons we have learnt in this new era of “fake... read more »
I was thinking, with online companies such as Openrent & Purple Bricks offering tenant finding services starting at £40.00, why would a landlord use an estate agent and pay them 10% of the total rent?   I then browsed through some of... read more »
What do sanctions on Russia mean for London property?   Full article: Sanctions on Russian property could prompt exodus fro... (   Our prayers and thoughts are with the Russian and Ukrainian people.
Who will rent controls help?   Once again the Mayor of London (Siddiq Khan) is discussing the benefits of rent controls.   It may sound like a noble idea, but in a free market will such a control work?   Full article below: http... read more »
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