Interest rates have played a significant role in shaping the dynamics of the rental market. With approximately 11 million mortgages in the UK, accounting for around 16.5% of the population, the recent rise in interest rates has had far-reaching conse... read more »
How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Industry   I've been using AI for a few months now, and MAN it has totally changed the way I work. As an estate agent, I have been relying on AI for nearly everything I do, especially when it com... read more »
While browsing available properties as I do to see what’s going on in the market, I came across a property put on the market in our core area (Acton W3).   The rent was well overpriced so I looked further into and it seemed like some sor... read more »
What is a Let or Introduction Only service?   A Let only service is typically when the agent markets the property and finds a tenant for the landlord.   Once the tenancy is agreed and all the checks and references are completed includin... read more »
After nearly 3 years since the queen mentioned the rental reform bill in her speech in 2019 the government finally released their white paper: A Fairer Private Rented Sector   There is still lots of grey area, however here I have summarised th... read more »
A summary of our services We pride ourselves in being a complete start to finish property management company at a fair price.   We specialise in full property management as we feel this is the only way we can provide a service that truly adds... read more »
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